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Build Your Own Gang Sheet (Sublimation)

Build Your Own Gang Sheet (Sublimation)

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Ensure superior results with prints that come in the form of sublimation gang sheets.

Our gang sheets come in multiple sizes. Fit as many prints as you can on these! Get as close as you want between each image. It really depends on how comfortable you are with cutting! With our Sublimation Gang Sheets, your business will guarantee to thrive and become more profitable.

Design Your Own: Sublimation Gang Sheet Printing

Many types of orders for t-shirts or other items are large volume orders or orders that are repeated for the same customer regularly. The transfers for these shirts can be configured on a custom gang sheet that allows you to order the transfers in bulk, saving on the cost of sublimation gang sheet printing.

At Quick Transfers, we make it easy to create your own sublimation gang sheet. This is the perfect way to minimize any waste material and printing, cutting down on costs while helping you maximize your bottom line.

What to Consider with Sublimation Gang Sheet Printing

Our sheets are all forty-two inches in width. The length of the sheet can range from twenty-four inches to up to one hundred and twenty inches.

Once you select the size, click on the button to see the sheet template. Simply upload the vector files in PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, or SVG format and position them on the sheet, ensuring the images do not overlap or extend beyond the edges of the sheet. We also have a gallery of images to use, helping you to add a variety of design elements and styles.

To make Sublimation gang sheet printing the most economical, place images as close to each other as possible, leaving enough room between images to make the necessary cuts.

Keep in mind, our team at Quick Transfer will reach out to you if there are any concerns about the artwork before printing. For more information, be sure to click on the chat feature at the bottom of the page.

Build Your Own Sublimation Gang Sheet Today!

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