Direct to Film Printing - Why it's Fit for the Average Consumer

In the world of t-shirt design, there are two standards. The most commonly used method is called screen printing. It's great for businesses, but it's not ideal for the average consumer. T-shirt transfers are far better. There are two reasons why this method is the best option for the average consumer.


An image on a t-shirt transfer sheet is easy to transfer onto a fabric. It's all about the paper and the equipment.

There are two types of t-shirt transfers. The most basic transfer sheets are sold at most stores. These products are called transfer kits. The sheets in an average kit are very easy to use. First, you'll need to print an image on the paper. From there, you can transfer the image onto a fabric with an iron.

The second option is the commercial option. Commercial transfer sheets produce cleaner, crispier images, and they can withstand high heat because they're specifically designed for commercial-grade heat transfer machines.

No Mess

Transfer sheets will never make a mess. When it comes to screening printing, this is not possible. Screening printing equipment requires fresh inks. They can easily spill and leave stains on surfaces.

Getting Started with Direct-to-Film Printing

Direct-to-film printing and traditional t-shirt transfer methods are not the same. From a quality standpoint, DTF is a step above modern and old-school print transfer methods. If you'd like to explore the world of cutting-edge printing services, turn to Quick Transfers at